LawPALS is your ticket to successfully navigating the first semester of the LLB. All LLB students are given a space in a LawPALS group, which meets weekly with Student Leaders in years above to talk about subjects like finding legal resources, writing law essays, mooting and much more. The Student Leaders have been in your shoes very recently, so can give you tips and inside information! All sessions are held at lunchtime in order to ensure no clashes with your timetable.

PALS stands for peer-assisted learning, and first years find it particularly helpful to have a ready-made group of students they can meet weekly. Many solid friendships have started from being in the same LawPALS group.

Students tell us they like having LawPALS as a ‘safe’ space to ask questions they might feel shy asking a lecturer. First years have said they appreciate having it as part of their introduction to Edinburgh Law School, and many have found it an invaluable source of support when starting their studies.

We have three strands for LawPALS: students on the 4-year LLB Honours degree, 2-year Graduate LLB degree and those visiting us on exchange.

One of the best things about LawPALS is you need to do nothing apart from turn up to the sessions. There’s no need to sign yourself up, or do any pre-work or preparation. Just simple go along on your allotted day, and relax in the company of other students.

LawPALS is coordinated day-to-day by a PhD student, Shona Warwick. Shona is the first point of contact for the programme, and can be reached at

The Director of Student Experience, Lindsay Jack, oversees the programme.

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To find out more information about what LawPALS can offer you, visit the LawPALS website.