Personal Tutors

Each student is assigned a Personal Tutor when they arrive at the University. The Personal Tutor will have oversight of your academic progress throughout the degree. They will advise on course selection and study skills support and will provide you with an academic reference if you need one. Your Personal Tutor will work in partnership with the Student Support Office to ensure you are supported in your studies.

Personal Tutors are expected to do all they reasonably can to:

  • Provide you with academic guidance on course choices and give advice in relation to any study difficulties that you may be having;
  • Where needed, act as an advocate on School and course matters;
  • Invite you to meetings and engage in mediated online dialogue via email and the online tools provided via MyEd;
  • If requested, provide you with an academic reference for a future employer or further degree programme;
  • Be available within four working days of a request for contact, or provide you with an alternative in case of absence.

The Student Support Office will do all they reasonably can to:

  • Offer advice or support to students when personal or health problems are affecting their studies and give students information about where to find further help.
  • Provide students with guidance on any queries that arise during the academic year relating to matter such as the structure of the curriculum, regulations and procedures, how to obtain an extension for an essay, or study abroad and, where appropriate, refer students to their PT or the Student Support Services available more widely within the University.
  • Make appointments for students to see their Personal Tutors where requested.
  • Provide standard documentation and letters for students where appropriate.

In return, you are expected to do all you reasonably can to:

  • Attend meetings with your PT or the Student Support Officer when requested to do so;
  • Inform the Student Support Office promptly of any problems that are affecting your studies to ensure you are adequately supported (if there has been a problem with an exam or with the submission of coursework, this needs to be done before the Special Circumstances Committee meets);
  • Provide your PT with information (e.g. a copy of your CV) before asking them to write a job reference;
  • Check your University email address regularly for communication either from your PT or the Student Support Officer.
  • Be aware of the various regulations that apply to you, the University Codes of Practice and the support provided by the University as outlined in the student handbook.

Personal Tutoring Statement

The School has published a Personal Tutoring Statement which will provide you with an overview of the personal tutoring arrangements in the School. Read the Law Personal Tutoring Statement 2021-22

Meeting your Personal Tutor

All students are required to meet with their Personal Tutor at the start of the academic year, and at designated points throughout the academic year as specified in the Personal Tutoring Statement. In addition to the scheduled meetings with your Personal Tutor, you can arrange an appointment with them at any point of the year, by using the online Personal Tutoring Tool provided via MyEd. If at any stage you are in doubt about what is expected of you, or are concerned about techniques of work and study, you should talk to your Personal Tutor. They are there to help you.

 Personal Tutor Contacts

Once you have been assigned a Personal Tutor, you can find out who your Personal Tutor is by looking at your EUCLID account on MyEd, or by contacting the Undergraduate Student Support Office.

View the Staff Directory for contact details of all academic members of staff.