Information for Graduate LLB Students

The Graduate LLB is primarily intended for students who wish to enter the legal profession, and the curriculum in each year is primarily filled with subjects required by the Law Society of Scotland for entry to the profession. The degree takes place over two years and on successful completion of the programme students will achieve an LLB Ordinary degree, which may be awarded with a Pass, Merit or Distinction. Information about the classification of the Graduate LLB is published in Section 3.5 of the Undergraduate Student Handbook.

The Degree Programme Table for the Graduate LLB can be found on the Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study Website. View the Degree Programme Table.

Detailed information about the educational aims, programme outcomes, and graduate attributes of the Graduate LLB Ordinary degree can be found in Appendix 1 of the Undergraduate Student Handbook (pages 55 – 57).

Tutorials for Graduate LLB Students

At the request of our Graduate LLB students, we now offer tutorials scheduled specifically for Graduate LLB students undertaking ordinary courses.

Director of the Graduate LLB Programme

The Director of the Graduate LLB Programme in 2021-22 is Dr Andrew Cornford. Graduate LLB students are welcome to contact Dr Cornford with any queries relating to the Programme. Contact: