Summer seminar on ‘Plurality at Last? Legal Internationalism beyond Eurocentrism and Patriarchy’ 

Please see below information regarding a summer seminar in Helsinki:

The Erik Castrén Institute and the Centre of Excellence in Law, Identity and the European Narratives are organising the annual Helsinki Summer Seminar on ‘Plurality at Last? Legal Internationalism beyond Eurocentrism and Patriarchy’ from 22-26 August 2022. The 33rd summer seminar is open to students, researchers and professionals.  

The seminar introduces participants to the diverse, contested and competing scholarly ideas about the role, function and promises of law that have oftentimes remained invisible in teaching international law. The seminar aims to bring these approaches challenging eurocentrism and patriarchalism to the forefront of thinking of the past and future of international law.  

The programme contains lectures and workshops by among others Christopher Gevers (UKZN School of Law), Magdalena Kmak (Åbo Akademi), Martti Koskenniemi (University of Helsinki), Sari Kouvo (University of Gothenburg), Parvathi Menon (University of Helsinki), Lauri Mälksoo  (University of Tartu), Johanna Niemi (University of Helsinki), Pamela Slotte (Åbo Akadmi), Immi Tallgren (University of Helsinki), Reetta Toivanen (University of Helsinki) and Kaius Tuori (University of Helsinki).  

For programme and registration details see the Helsinki summer seminar website.   

2020-21: Law Football Trials

Are you currently studying law and interested in playing football at a high level?

Then why not come trial for the Law football team?

We can confirm that the Men’s Football Team Trials have been rescheduled to Monday 26th October, 2-4pm at Peffermill on pitch 3G2. This is of course subject to sport-related covid restrictions being extended beyond the current period

All ages are welcome! Should you be a first year, fourth year, or on your masters/P.H.D.

Please don’t be shy and come along.

We are a long established team currently in a BUCS (British university and colleges sport) league playing competitively against other universities across Scotland. This semester we will also be playing in Edinburgh’s intramural league setup.

Games will be played on a Wednesday afternoon at Peffermill (if scheduled to play at home). If scheduled to play away then fixtures will also be on a Wednesday but often slightly later so as to allow us extra time for travelling to other universities.

All fixtures will be played out-with your timetable to avoid clashing with academic commitments.

Not only do we provide ample opportunity to play football, but also an opportunity for socialising with other people on your course. Should it be attending the Law Ball together or just heading out for a few drinks to watch the football we consider ourselves an open and accommodating group of friends which we would be more than happy for you to join.

Joining the team may also help you with your studies, as mentioned our players range from second year to P.H.D, meaning someone in our squad will have undertook and experienced the courses you are currently sitting. I can personally say for myself that being part of this team has allowed me to better understand my course and university processes..

If you plan on attending or have any queries/questions please contact either of the Captains through the below information. For track and trace purposes you must contact either of our captains with your contact details and to let us know you will be attending. If you arrive having not contacted us in advance we may have to turn you away.


Ben Campbell – 07956758631 or

Frank Gill – 07426554486 or