Six popular wellbeing resources at the University

Keeping mentally healthy during your time at university is important and we’re here to support you throughout your time with us. Here’s six popular resources…

  • Paws on Campus

The Student Wellbeing Service team can refer you to Paws on Campus, a free service for University of Edinburgh students that runs over a course of five weeks. During the five weeks chance to practice a variety of grounding exercises, carry out activities with the dogs, and have small group discussions. It is suited to students who might struggle with issues like stress or loneliness, and have mild to moderate symptoms, including anxiety or low mood.

  • Take 5 Programme

The Student Wellbeing Service team can refer you to the Active Lives Team at Sport & Exercise to take part in their Take 5 Programme. The Programme, runs over 5 weeks, on a Wednesday afternoon with each 2-hour session containing an educational component, a reflection activity linked to the 5 ways of wellbeing and participation in physical activity.

  • Mindfulness at the Chaplaincy

The Chaplaincy offers a wide range of resources including twice weekly lunch-time drop-in sessions, workshops, course and day retreats. The programme run both in-person and online.

Find out more on the Chaplaincy website

  • Skills for Life and Learning

The Student Counselling team run a range of presentation workshops in semester one, covering topics such as imposter syndrome and stress. The workshops take place on Microsoft Teams, contain input from a facilitator as well as small group discussions and individual exercises for reflection and practice.

Find a full list of workshops on the Student Counselling website

  • Togetherall App

Provides a place for you to share your thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive environment. You can access Togetherall 24/7 and it is monitored by trained clinicians.

Learn more on the Student Counselling website

  • Feeling Good App

Edinburgh students have access to the Feeling Good App, mental skills training programme which teaches how to calm the mind and develop a positive mindset, enabling greater emotional resilience to deal more effectively with challenges of student life. The programme is derived from sports psychology, which takes you through a set of 12 physical and mental exercises. This allows you to switch to a helpful state of mind and let go of the negative emotional triggers, which underpin distress, whilst simultaneously increasing your concentration and focus.

Learn more on the Student Counselling website


To find out more about the support available to you at the University visit the Student Wellbeing website.