New UG Students

Welcome to the Law School

Welcome to the 2021/22 academic year. We are delighted to welcome you as a new undergraduate student at Edinburgh Law School and we hope you find your studies stimulating, rewarding and enjoyable!

As a new student to the School, there is a lot of advice and guidance available to help you settle in and make the most of your studies. We have included some of the most relevant advice for you below.

Getting Started

You must complete the “Top 6 Tasks” before you start and during your first week.

The University of Edinburgh Events app is an easy way for you to browse all of the information and events for new students throughout your first year. Follow the link to download: University of Edinburgh Events App. Please check the app regularly for new events.

You can start connecting with your fellow students now by joining the New Student Facebook group: The University of Edinburgh new students 2021 – 2022 | Facebook

Induction & Welcome Week

Welcome Week is the start of your time at Edinburgh. Welcome Week is more than just introducing you to your School, it is also about getting to know your new home, getting to know fellow students and trying out new things. The Law School has planned a comprehensive induction programme that – due to the current circumstance – will be carried out remotely. There will be a range of live sessions for you to attend, alongside additional resources and activities for you to access and work through at your leisure.

Your online induction will be available soon.

There are three live events during Welcome Week itself which all students must attend (depending on your particular programme):

Tues 14 Sept 11am-12pm: Welcome talk for new single/joint LLB students
Tues 14 Sept 12:30pm-1:30pm: Welcome talk for new Grad LLB students
Thurs 16 Sept 11am-12:30pm: LawPALS for new LLBs! In your LawPALS group you’ll be led on a tour of Edinburgh’s legal highlights

You are also encouraged to attend the following events throughout the Induction period :

Weds 15 Sept 11am-12pm: How you can start building your career in Law from the 1st year of your LLB – Presented by The Law Society of Scotland. 
Weds 15 Sept 2pm-4pm: Law School Undergraduate Student Societies Virtual Fair
Weds 22 Sept 11am-12pm: Using the University Library to Find Legal Resources with the Law Library Team
Weds 29 Sept 12am-7pm: Legal Careers Day: Discover What’s Out There
Weds 6 Oct 2pm-3pm: Pro Bono and Clinical Legal Education Opportunities including the Edinburgh Award 

Disability Adjustments

If you have a disability that may affect your ability to take part in learning and coursework, then you should contact the Student Disability Service (SDS) ( as soon as possible to make an appointment for an assessment.  You don’t have to wait until Welcome Week or beyond to contact the SDS; you can do this as soon as you have confirmation that you are joining us at the Law School.  If you are a continuing student, you can contact SDS in the weeks prior to the start of the semester. Acting early will help to ensure that any supports or adjustments that you require will be in place from the start of the semester.
Also, please remember that disabilities include a wide range of medical and other conditions, and include anxiety, mental health concerns, depression and stress.  It is better to make an appointment for an assessment with the SDS than try to struggle through your studies hoping that things will get better.  The SDS staff will assess your condition and needs and, where appropriate, will draft a Schedule of Adjustments that will set out the supports and adjustments that you require in order to fully access learning within the University.  

If you need additional advice, consult the Law School Disability Officers (Katy Macfarlane: ( and Lindsay Jack (, or contact the Student Support Office (

Making Transitions Personal Pre-Arrival Review

Don’t forget to complete your pre-arrival review which should help you to think about what you are hoping to gain from your time with us. Preparing these thoughts and ideas will support you in taking responsibility for your own development, a vital part of studying at the University of Edinburgh. You will receive the link to complete the review via your University email, so please look out for this. When you complete the review your answers will be made available to your Personal Tutor and the School more widely, and will help us get to know you.

Personal Tutor Meetings in Welcome Week

Your Personal Tutor will have oversight of your academic progress throughout your degree, and can provide a range of advice on matters such as course selection and study skills support. All new students are required to meet with their Personal Tutors during Welcome Week. We will shortly send emails to all our new students about how to book a PT meeting.

Accessing the Undergraduate Office and the Student Support Office

The UGO and SSO office hours and availability will be updated soon.

For now, you can reach us via the following:

All students will be given further information about connecting with us.

You can also keep up to date with news & event updates by following the Undergraduate Office Twitter @UoELawUndergrad and the Undergraduate Student Support Twitter @UoELawSSO.



Now in its third year, PreparED is designed to demystify the LLB, and provides resources to help you succeed at every stage. Visit to access material on Getting into the LLB Zone, Preparing for Lectures, Making the Most of Tutorials and to find out more about that dreaded word… plagiarism. We’ll be adding resources throughout the year, so bookmark the link and check back once you’ve found your feet a bit.


LawPALS is your ticket to successfully navigating the first semester of the LLB. All LLB students are given a space in a LawPALS group, which meets weekly with Student Leaders in years above to talk about subjects like finding legal resources, writing law essays, mooting and much more. The Student Leaders have been in your shoes very recently, so can give you tips and inside information! All sessions are held at lunchtime in order to ensure no clashes with your timetable.

One of the best things about LawPALS is you need to do nothing apart from turn up to the sessions. There’s no need to sign yourself up, or do any pre-work or preparation. Just simply go along on your allotted day, and relax in the company of other students. You will be emailed further information about your group closer to the beginning of semester. There will be a LawPALS session held during Welcome Week to give you more information and to introduce you to your group and Student Leaders.

Advice and Guidance for New Students

The University ‘New Students’ Website has lots of advice and guidance about commencing your studies at Edinburgh, and we recommend you spend some time familiarising yourself with the information available:

Talbot Rice Gallery

The Talbot Rice Gallery is one of Scotland’s leading public galleries of contemporary visual art, and is located right on your doorstep as a student of the Law School, based within the University’s Old College Quad. You can see what exhibitions are running on their Website.