Contact information for Postgraduate Research Students

Currently, the Research Office is not available for drop-in appointments. We will let you know when this changes. Postgraduate researchers can contact the research office at with enquiries and to book virtual appointments. The team will also be available for one-to-one in-person appointments as needed but we kindly ask that you get in touch by email in the first instance so that we can schedule this in a suitable space.

Contacting your Supervisor

Your PhD Supervisor will have oversight of your academic progress throughout your research, and can provide advice on a range of matters.

In the first instance you should email your supervisor. In most cases, in-person meetings will not be possible and most meetings will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams.

Contacting other members of Law School staff

If you have a need to contact any other member of Law School staff, please contact them by email in the first instance.

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