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Studying for a degree at Edinburgh Law School is more than just an excellent academic experience. It is a chance to expand your horizons and pursue what makes you tick.

Explore the range of Law School student groups and societies.

Law Students' Council

University of Edinburgh Law Students’ Council

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The Law Students’ Council (LSC) is an elected student organisation that exists to represent the views and interests of all students in the Law School, with at least 4 representatives from each year group within the Undergraduate programme.  We work closely with the law school staff and management to help make our studies the best they possibly can be.

We sit on various committees within the law school such as the library committee. We also attend the law schools annual meeting where we can bring forward any concerns which are brought to us. Things that you wish to speak to us about are problems that affects your year as a whole or large groups within it such as issues in your lectures or suggestions for improvements.

All LLB students when they join the law school in their first year automatically are supported by the Law Students’ Council, we are hear to help you from your first day in the Law School to your last. However, if you would like to become a year representative and a member of the Law Students’ Council then you must nominate yourself and then be elected by your fellow peers.

Being a member on the Law Students’ Council is a great way to become more involved in our Law School's community, and above all else it’s great fun. It simply gives you the opportunity to join an amazing group, make real changes within the Law School, and even add a great role onto your CV/ job applications! To date, the Council has worked on a range of projects to improve both the teaching and organisation of the LLB with real success. We are also a welcoming and supportive council.

How to Join
Students can become members and representatives on the Law Students Council by nominating themselves. Nominations for 5x first year representatives on the Law Students' Council 2021 will open during week 2.

In order to nominate yourself you must:
1. Be a current student on the 4-year LLB programme and

2. Send a brief election statement (max 1 page) in PDF format to the Law Students’ Council at before the deadline. This should include a photo of yourself and a small paragraph explaining why people should vote for you. This will be available to your peers when they chose who to vote for.

Voting will then open via MyEd during week 3.

We will get in touch with all candidates once the nomination period ends. Candidates should look at the Election Regulations as well.

If you should have any questions, feel free to contact current President Jennah Qayyum at

Graduate Law Society

Graduate Law Society

Instagram: gls_edinburgh
Facebook: Graduate Law Society 2021/22
Graduate Law Society
Twitter: gls_edinburgh

The Graduate Law Society welcomes all law students at the University of Edinburgh. We organise a range of events throughout the year (including a law ball) and are a friendly group looking to support students during their time at the law school.

Join our society if you would like to be part of a welcoming and helpful group of students and are interested in attending a variety of events ranging from pub crawls to coffee shop meet-ups and careers insight evenings.

You can join by reaching out to us on any of our social platforms or by email, and keep an eye out for upcoming events announcements!

BAME Law Students' Society

A group of students who identified the need for inclusion, solidarity and a safe space for BAME students in the law school.

We aim for the society to provide a space for the already small number of BAME students with the hopes of seeing more in the future. We want students to come together, celebrate culture and think critically about what it means to be a BAME student and lawyer. The society is not only open to all law students, including those doing their Masters and Graduate LLB programmes, but also non-law students at the University of Edinburgh who are interested in knowing more about diversity in the legal profession and at university.

Commercial Law Society

Commercial Law Society

  • Link to Facebook Page: CLS Facebook page.
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CLS Edinburgh is Scotland's first student-led organisation focused on commercial law. The society seeks to bridge the gap between theoretical study and experiential learning by providing a platform that facilitates learning, practical skills, and networking.

The following are some of our initiatives

  • Mentorship Programme: This programme aims to connect professionals (either practicing lawyers or with legal education) directly with students. Our mentors have a range of backgrounds, from regulatory compliance in investment banking to M&A. To give the programme a truly multinational feature, mentors are based in Edinburgh, London, Hong Kong, and Qatar.
  • Workshops: via our close connections from within the legal and non-legal sectors of Scotland, we can provide workshops led by some of the most successful and innovative start-ups, law firms, businesses and business psychologists in the UK.
  • Competitions: Our workshops will lead to a scenario-based competition where our members can put what they have learned into practice. Our first competition, held in March this year, was judged by some of the pre-eminent advocates, barristers, business professionals and academics in Scotland and the UK. As our connections grow, this will continue and become ever-more diverse.

How to Join
In our inaugural year we have had members achieve placements with some of the biggest firms in the UK (and therefore the world). We want members with ambition and potential, that is all we (and our sponsors) are looking for. If you are considering a career in commercial law, then CLS is where you should begin with. We will provide you with insight into commercial law and connect you with employers.

With approximately half of the students receiving training contracts being ‘non-law’, the society takes a multidisciplinary approach, targeting undergraduate and graduate students from all programmes at the University of Edinburgh.

You will find us on campus during freshers week and the university society fairs. You can join CLS by making a one-off £7 for continuing members, and £10 for new members. With exclusive access to our Commercial Law Handbook, our Mentorship Scheme, networking, and application advice, you'd be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere else!

We can only take payments via bank transfer at the moment so if you choose to buy a membership, please transfer the amount to the account below. Drop us an email after to notify us and include your name as the payment reference. 

Sort code: 09-01-28

Account number - 84012781

CrimSoc (Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Society)

A group led by students who are passionate about providing university-wide opportunities to all students interested in exploring all aspects of criminal law and justice. Among our goals, we seek to provide useful information about both legal and non-legal careers as well as regular discussion of current topics of interest with guest speakers. We are also going to be putting on a number of fun social events for all our members, and that might feature a slight criminal theme here and there!

To join our society, you can purchase membership from our EUSA page here:

International Law Students' Society

International Law Students’ Society


ILSS focuses on striking down notorious barriers to the field of law and international relations. Through speakers, in-house discussions, and workshops, we seek to offer a comparative analysis of international legal issues. We look at similarities and differences between jurisdictions to discuss and embrace legal differences.

There are no requirements or formal commitments - no need for prior knowledge of the law, no need for an intimate understanding of geopolitical circumstances. Both curious and experienced members can find their place here, be it in economic discussion or playful socials. Students of all years are welcome to join! We have a friendly, diverse committee and member group that can’t wait to meet you.

How to join?
Come visit our EUSA page! There you can find our membership prices. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message on any of our social media or via email.

Law Society
Edinburgh University Law Society
About us:
Our goal is to enhance the law student experience at the University of Edinburgh, and we are one of the largest and most active societies on campus. Our remit can be divided into three main sectors: academic, sporting and social. We organise a variety of events for our members, ranging from social and sporting events to career and networking opportunities. We have a netball team, hockey team and football team which all play in intramural leagues and are a great way to meet fellow law students. Our society runs some of the most highly anticipated events such as Law Ball, Burns Supper, Party Boat and many more. We hope to see lots of new faces this year!
We will be having membership sales within the first week of teaching, but advise students to follow our social media to hear about this and other exciting announcements.

LawTech: University of Edinburgh

Facebook: LawTechUoE
Instagram: LawTechUofE
Twitter: LawTechUofE
Linkedin: LawTechUofE

LawTech is a special interest group (SIG), which is part of the University of Edinburgh’s CompSoc. We are focused on the crossover between law and technology, and all the potential that includes, such as AI, Cybersecurity, IP and many more. We welcome students from all backgrounds, whether computing, law or further afield; all that’s required is an interest in this area!

LawTech aims to offer the following in 2021/2022:

* Events with professional legal technologists from all around the world (with a chance for Q&A)
* Workshops, where we discuss and debate a topic related to LawTech and learn new skills
* Socials, for a chance to network with like-minded people!

How to Join

LawTech is free to all students and non-students, all that is required is for you to sign up here:

Lawyers Without Borders

Lawyers Without Borders Edinburgh Division

Contact Details:
Facebook Link:

Area of Interest: Human Rights and International Law

Our society aims to provide students with human rights career opportunities and research experience with our partner organisations and NGOs. We also run a human rights conference and panel events featuring legal representatives in the human rights law sector.

How to Join
You can join by applying for our research projects, signing up your email (found on our Facebook), or you can email us.

Legal Theory Society


A society for students interested in legal theory. Aim to run events with speakers – academics and students – for students to share in their appreciation of legal theory. Aim to read papers, put on events etc. Brand new for 2021/22

LGBTQ+ Law Society

LGBTQ+ Law Society 

Facebook: or

We are a new society this year set up in order to promote LGBTQ+ inclusion within the law. At the moment there are many positives for those in our community who want to enter the law. 5% of solicitors in England and Wales and 3.2% of solicitors in Scotland identify as LGB, plus 2% are transgender; all these figures are above the estimated population for these groups in the general population. However, with this increased inclusion difficulties have arisen. 22% of LGBTQ+ legal professionals have experienced negative reactions to their identity with the majority of these coming from colleagues and peers. Furthermore, 77% of those who experience negative treatment due to their identity do not feel like reports of these incidents would be treated seriously or have the desired effect. Our predominant aim is to help aspiring LGBTQ+ legal professionals break through barriers into this career in a safe, comfortable and understanding environment. This is done through events such as meet and greets with law firms, public events, such as one held earlier this year, “Intersectionality in the Law and Beyond,” and having socials where we can all freely and comfortably get to know each other. 

Any student from any background law or non-law, LGBTQ+ or not, domestic or international should feel welcome in our society. We will offer chances to meet with sponsoring law firms, plan to conduct research into LGBTQ+ experiences within the law, and provide a space where students can come together for both casual and more structured socials, from picnics, to pub quizzes. We will also hold public events, where we will ask professionals to come and discuss different aspects to the law, with a specific focus on intersectionality and the LGBTQ+ community.

How to Join
Our membership prices are low with a £2 membership fee in Welcome Week and a £5 membership fee thereafter, for the whole academic year. They can be purchased through the EUSA website or at our Welcome Week stall. We look forward to you joining our society. 

Mooting Society

Mooting is a form of legal debate, modelled on real-life court proceedings. Every year there are two internal competitions: one just for first year students and the other for all other undergraduate and diploma students. The finals of both competitions are always held at the Court of Session and are presided over by a Senator of the College of Justice.

Mooting is great for anyone looking to brush up on their public speaking skills and legal knowledge.

Pro Bono Society

Pro Bono Society

Twitter: @UoEProBono1
Facebook: University of Edinburgh Pro Bono Society
Instagram: UoEProBono
Email Address:

The Pro Bono Society advocates for access to justice and clinical legal education with the University of Edinburgh and beyond. We want to encourage students to participate in pro bono activities to not only further their education but also help their community.

Join this society if you are interested in learning more about what pro bono and access to justice is about, how to participate in pro bono work while you are a student, and encourage future students to participate in these activities.

How to Join

Sign up to our mailing list:

Public Law Society

Events and socials for those interested in Public Law

Women in Law Society

A society promoting gender equality which aims to lift women's voices and help career aspirations.

The University of Edinburgh’s Student Association (EUSA) also has a wide range of societies to help you meet new people, develop your skills, and nurture your interests.

Go to the EUSA activities webpage