Team SolidariTee – student volunteering opportunity

Want to help refugees, but don’t know how to combine that with your studies? Fancy being part of a driven, enthusiastic team of students committed to raising funds and spreading awareness of the rights of refugees and asylum seekers? Have a burning desire to sell high-quality, ethically-produced t-shirts in the name of legal aid? Then SolidariTee is for you!

SolidariTee is an international charity led by students and young people which seeks to raise awareness and further sustainable support for refugees and asylum seekers. Our mission at SolidariTee is to empower students to change the landscape of refugee rights, through fundraising for legal aid and psychological support, and through raising awareness of the challenges imposed upon refugees and asylum seekers globally. We fundraise directly via events and donations, and by selling our signature fundraising t-shirts, the purpose of which is twofold; the shirts create a visible show of solidarity with refugees, and the proceeds from their sales go towards our grants.

We want YOU to sign up to be one of our volunteers – we are currently recruiting students to lead the SolidariTee team at your university, and we have positions available in the following areas: Team Lead, Events, Publicity and T-shirt Fundraising. 

Find out more about the roles available here and sign up at:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at