Law Society of Scotland Street Law Programme

Law Society of Scotland Street Law Programme – Last few places on training weekend for LLB law students! (13th – 15th January)


Street Law is a way for the Law Society of Scotland to provide legal education in schools, in a format that pupils can really connect with. It’s designed to be engaging and get people talking through themes like street crime and human rights. We aim to get all pupils thinking about the law, by raising aspirations and encouraging skills to be used like critical thinking. More information about the programme can be found here: Street Law | Law Society of Scotland (

As well as an educational programme, it’s also a highly-successful volunteer scheme for LLB students. Our Street Lawyers are all law students studying in Scotland based near local schools. Street Law gives you an amazing opportunity to build confidence, gain presentation skills and deliver our lessons in a real classroom. If you are interested in the programme and want to teach lessons in schools, we are looking to fill our last few places on our training weekend in January!

The classes use the pupils’ inherent interest in law and their own experiences, to develop high-level cognitive, literacy and interpersonal skills. We rely on our Street Law trainers (student volunteers) to put on these classes and we work in blocks of 4 – 6 weeks where we put on one hour lesson per week. The total number of hour of commitment per week is 3-4 hours which take into account preparation and travel to school lessons. During summer/Christmas we put on one off events online and in our partnered schools. We wish all our Street Law trainers to put on these blocks of lessons over each semester and therefore commitment to the schools and programme is vital.

We have our training session in Edinburgh on the 13th – 15th of January. If you are interested, please email, as places are limited. The training weekend will teach you some of the necessary skills to teach our programme of lessons and learn about the methodology of Street law. The training weekend is compulsory for all our trainers to compete in.