The Manchester Review of Law, Crime and Ethics: Student Publication Opportunity




Dear All,

The University of Manchester’s peer-reviewed, socio-legal journal, The Manchester Review of Law, Crime and Ethics, is now accepting submissions for publication in Volume XII!

The Review is the University of Manchester’s student-led academic journal, dedicated to exhibiting socio-legal articles of the highest quality authored by students, practitioners, and academics alike. Selected submissions are published both in print and in a number of online sources, not least amongst them being HeinOnline and The British Library. Successful submission to The Review will see your work published in these sources, alongside articles written by judges, leading practitioners and academics, and other ambititous students.

Should your work be selected for publication in Volume XII, you will work alongside editors in the aim of raising your paper to a publishable standard, and ensuring your work reaches its full potential. Your article will also be subject to a peer-review by academics at the University of Manchester to ensure your work indeed meets that publishable standard, and explores the relevant legal topics with the utmost accuracy and sophisticated analysis.

This presents a unique opportunity to strengthen your CV with a prestigious achievement few others could boast of. We strongly encourage you simply submit an essay completed during your time studying Law, Criminology, Jurisprudence or Ethics which has received a First-Class grade, and which is between 1,500 and 10,000 words long. Prior to submitting your work, please refer to the submission criteria below.

Criteria for submissions are as follows:

  1. Submissionsmust be made by current undergraduate or postgraduate students, and the paper must have been authored during undergraduate or postgraduate study;


  1. The paper must be between 1,500 and 10,000 words (excluding footnotes, bibliography and abstract, if any);


  1. The paper may be written on any specific element of law, criminology, jurisprudence, or ethics;


  1. Papers on strictly legal topics should wholly or substantially relate to English law (if in doubt, we encourage students to submit their piece and allow us to assess its adherence to this requirement);


  1. The paper must have been awarded a first-class mark from your academic institution, namely:
    1. 70% or higher (United Kingdom); or
    2. International equivalent (refer to the following equivalents:;


  1. The paper should be submitted together with a marker feedback sheet or other proof of grade;


  1. The maximum number of papers that should be submitted per student is three; and


  1. The paper should be submitted in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx)with only the title of the work as the file name, and with all identifying information (name, student ID, academic institution etc.) removed from the document to facilitate a blind review process.


The paper should be submitted with the subject line ‘Article Submission 2022-2023’ to before 11:59pm Friday 13th January 2023.

We wish you the best of luck, and look forward to receiving your submissions.

Kind regards,

Jacob Wharton

Editor-in-Chief, Manchester Review of Law, Crime and Ethics 2022-2023

Che Yang

Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Manchester Review of Law, Crime and Ethics 2022-2023