Museum Wellbeing Trail

About Wellbeing Audio Trail 

Are you a law student and interested in exploring mindfulness in the museum? Then join us on the Museum Wellbeing Trail. This trail is to help you to ‘reset’ and find some moments of mindfulness and wellbeing in the Museum. Listen on your own device as you explore the space on 30th November! 


30th November 2022 

7th & 14th December2022 

12pm – 1pm & 1.15PM-2pm

Old College Quad Meet up

This is a free event 

Event organiser Wellbeing Adviser Kim Chapman

Museum Wellbeing trail

Follow the audio trail

Mindfulness activity

This is a free activity, it will be facilitated by Wellbeing Adviser Kim Chapman, to support your wellbeing.

Why take part? 

Making room for mindfulness during the day can impact positively on your wellbeing. 

This mindfulness activity is to encourage students to take time for themselves, meet other students and have fun! 

Please join us! 

Location: Entrance National Museum of Scotland Chambers Street, Edinburgh, Level 1