Concurrences’ call for submissions for the 2023 Antitrust Writing Awards

Concurrences’ call for submissions for the 2023 Antitrust Writing Awards

2023 Antitrust Writing Awards:

Best Student Paper

We are thrilled to invite students to submit articles for the subcategory “student articles” of the 2023 Antitrust Writing Awards, see here.

The aim of the Antitrust Writing Awards is to promote competition scholarship and contribute to competition advocacy.

The 2023 Antitrust Writing Awards contribute to this achievement by selecting the best antitrust writings published in the past year. The Awards consist of:

– “Best Articles”: best academic, and business articles written by one or several authors.

– “Best Soft Law”: best non-enforcement tools written by competition agencies.

– “Best Student Papers”: best papers written by current Law & Economics students.


The Antitrust Writing Award for “Best Student Paper” rewards one student paper that stands out by its originality or relevance to current antitrust issues. The winners will have their submission published in the Concurrences e-Competitions Bulletin (which covers antitrust cases from 100+ jurisdictions globally), and will receive a one-year Concurrences+ subscription (which gives access to the entire database of writings, photos, and videos from Concurrences antitrust conferences, articles, and books).

  1. Eligibility

Students who want to participate in the competition must have been graduate students enrolled in a law school, business school, or graduate school economics program at the Master’s level or higher in 2022. Eligible papers must have been written or published by the student(s) during the year 2022.

Students must submit the name of their school and proof of their enrollment when submitting their papers.

Papers may be co-authored, but to ensure that every student has a fair chance of winning an award, one student cannot submit more than 2 papers.

  1. Format

Papers must be between 2,000 and 10,000 words long (including footnotes) and must be written in English. Papers can be individual or co-authored with other students only.

  1. Selection & Voting procedure

The Best Student Paper Award will be awarded to the paper which collects the most votes from a peer jury composed of George Washington University Law School students under the mentorship of Prof. Bill Kovacic.

  1. Submissions

The deadline for submitting all documents for nominations is November 30, 2022. Submissions are to be done by using the electronic submission form on the Awards website (

  1. Publication

The Awards results will be made public at the Awards Ceremony, which will take place on March 28, 2023, on the eve of the ABA Antitrust Spring Meeting, in Washington, D.C. The Awards results will also be announced via social media and emails to subscribers of Concurrences newsletters (sign up here) after the Awards Ceremony. The results will also be made available on this website.

  1. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Individual votes remain confidential. Click here to read the Terms of use and our Privacy Policy.

  1. Miscellaneous

The Awards are managed by Concurrences. Concurrences, acting as the event manager, works to ensure that a sufficient number of quality articles and publications are submitted and surveyed, checks eligibility, and organizes the Awards Ceremony. Any unexpected issues will be dealt with by the Editorial Committee of the Awards.


Any questions regarding the Antitrust Writing Awards should be referred to