The Macmillan Committee

Please see below from the The Macmillan Committee:

Hi there!

We are The Macmillan Committee, and we are a society that creates a dedicated space for open, intellectual and respectful discussion between students in our university.

This year we have many positions open for you to apply for!

These include positions in Marketing, Forum Team, Podcast, Outreach and Executive Committee. The positions vary from Director openings to officers and creatives.

Why apply to join us? We are a new society that has been establish for 3 academic years as of now, which means that we have potential for you to bring your own ideas on board and bring them to life with little bureaucracy!

What makes us different is that we found a lack of student dedicated spaces to discuss issues that impact us. Which is why we launched are student series discussion forum, which discusses with members of our community on-going topics taking place on campus.

Our application process is very simple, you simply apply through this link and are invited to an interview to discuss where you would best fit in The Macmillan.

We hope to welcome intelligent, ambitious and creative students like you on our team!

Wishing you the best with the application process,

The Macmillan Committee