LGBTQ+ Support for Edinburgh Law School Students

LGBTQ+ students face significant pressures arising from their sexuality and/or gender identity that go beyond the academic and other pressures encountered by all students.

Some of those pressures (like those related to the process of coming out) may be temporary, while others (general stigmatisation, lack of social and family acceptance, emotional and, at times, financial difficulties) are permanent and need to be navigated throughout their entire student career.

Edinburgh Law School has a special team ready to hear and help LGBTQ+ students to live their lives in a safe environment.

The LGBTQ+ advocates will be your point of contact if you ever need any emotional support, to discuss any situation/issue that you want to raise, or if you need a friendly face to talk to. If you need to contact us, our email address is

This channel is monitored by 3 LGBTQ+ staff at the School and is a safe and private line.