Summer seminar on ‘Plurality at Last? Legal Internationalism beyond Eurocentrism and Patriarchy’ 

Please see below information regarding a summer seminar in Helsinki:

The Erik Castrén Institute and the Centre of Excellence in Law, Identity and the European Narratives are organising the annual Helsinki Summer Seminar on ‘Plurality at Last? Legal Internationalism beyond Eurocentrism and Patriarchy’ from 22-26 August 2022. The 33rd summer seminar is open to students, researchers and professionals.  

The seminar introduces participants to the diverse, contested and competing scholarly ideas about the role, function and promises of law that have oftentimes remained invisible in teaching international law. The seminar aims to bring these approaches challenging eurocentrism and patriarchalism to the forefront of thinking of the past and future of international law.  

The programme contains lectures and workshops by among others Christopher Gevers (UKZN School of Law), Magdalena Kmak (Åbo Akademi), Martti Koskenniemi (University of Helsinki), Sari Kouvo (University of Gothenburg), Parvathi Menon (University of Helsinki), Lauri Mälksoo  (University of Tartu), Johanna Niemi (University of Helsinki), Pamela Slotte (Åbo Akadmi), Immi Tallgren (University of Helsinki), Reetta Toivanen (University of Helsinki) and Kaius Tuori (University of Helsinki).  

For programme and registration details see the Helsinki summer seminar website.