Blackwell Bookshop – second-hand textbooks and other sustainable options

Blackwell Bookshop has restarted second-hand buyback on Wednesday 4th May. They will buy back from students any book in reasonable condition which will be useful for next year’s students, study skills books as well as textbooks, and this year more general books too. Because of the pandemic they had only a limited service last year, and none the previous year, so they are very glad to reopen this year and do their best to help out our students and our green economy.

Students are very welcome to e-mail Blackwells ( with a list of book titles and ISBNs before coming into the shop – a quick way to work out if it’s worth coming into the shop.

They are not the only place students can recycle physical books. Online, Amazon, Abebooks (owned by Amazon) and Alibris will all take sales listings, and E-bay seems to be the most frequented site for academic text at the moment. Ziffit too offers an online second-hand sales portal. In Edinburgh, zero-waste co-operative SHRUB ( will exchange and recycle. Oxfam and Barnados are the places with the best chance of selling donated academic text.