Upcoming IAD UG Workshops

TITLE: Managing your Exams: Strategies and Tips

DATE: 27th April 2022

TIME: 14:10 – 15:00 UK Time

BOOKING LINK: https://edin.ac/37AsiNU

DESCRIPTION: This online workshop will be an hour session focusing on how to manage your exams by improving your exam technique. The session will focus on issues raised by participants and so could cover, for example, exam preparation and participation; i.e. how to cope with stress, practicing your exam technique and a review of exam strategies.


TITLE: Essays in Exams

DATE: 27th April 2022

TIME: 15:30 – 17:00 UK Time

BOOKING LINK: https://edin.ac/38IpCP5
DESCRIPTION: Do you want to improve your writing under pressure?  Are you prepared for your exams?  This trouble-shooting session will help you develop strategies to write more effective long answers in your exams. This workshop will focus on strategies to practise during revision and to use in exams, writing under pressure, ways to break down questions and answer planning techniques.


More Workshop Information:

A list of upcoming semester two IAD UG Workshops can be found here https://edin.ac/2FFIptL.

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