Edinburgh Open Research Conference

Free conference on open research, accessible to (undergraduate and masters) students at the University of Edinburgh 27 May 2022

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the open research movement and network with other researchers!

Open research (a.k.a. “open science” or “open scholarship”) refers to a collection of practices and principles around transparency, accessibility and integrity in research. It can take many shapes or forms depending on your specific research area, but it is about adopting a certain mindset and work attitude that embraces being as open and honest as you can about your research, as well as working in a collaborative, constructive manner with others in your research community. Learn more about how open research can play a role in your research career at this conference!

If you have already used open research practices in a project before, please consider submitting a poster abstract through http://journals.ed.ac.uk/eor/about/submissions before 15 April 2pm. This is not essential and you can still attend the conference if you are completely new to open research practices!

Student registration for physical conference at John McIntyre Centre (limited places available!): https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/edinburgh-open-research-conference-27-may-2022-tickets-294700375757

Registration for online attendance will open later, but you can register your interest here:https://forms.gle/bsPAf3oyZ49oBy3U9

For more updates on the Edinburgh Open Research Conference please see https://edopenresearch.com/edinburghopenresearchconference/

We hope to see you there!