Inside the UK Supreme Court: Its role, its work, and cases that affect us all – online course

If you’d like to learn more about the UK Supreme Court, the role the Court plays within society and what it is like to work there, this Royal Holloway course, produced in collaboration with the Supreme Court, is for you.

During the two–week course, you’ll get to explore the current workings and history of the UK Supreme Court and wider aspects of the law, as well as take a closer look at routes into the legal profession.

Whether you want to practice law or you would like to gain more understanding as a citizen, you’ll gain a fascinating insight into this key institution’s legal role.

Please register now. The course starts on 21 February and contains up to 8 hours of learning and you will have two weeks to complete it.

We hope you enjoy the course which is designed to give everyone an insight into the work of the Supreme Court.

Read on to check out the course syllabus.

You can sign up directly to the course here .