Shearman & Sterling Campus Presentation – How to Apply for Training Contracts with US firms

How to Apply for Training Contracts with US firms

Tuesday 5th October 2021, 18.00 – 20.00

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When you apply for training contracts, your applications need to be as tailored as possible. But you know this already. The problem is that too often applicants don’t know enough about the differences between law firms to be able to do this well. 

In this presentation, we’ll focus on helping you to really understand the differences between US firms and UK firms.

This presentation will stay away from the generic information you’ve heard before. We’re going to deliver a comprehensive presentation covering the following:


  • The history of US law firms in London
  • Why US law firms have been successful
  • The structural differences between US and UK law firms
  • The real reason lawyers at US firms are paid more
  • Law firm metrics you should pay attention to…and the ones you shouldn’t
  • Why partners leave UK firms for US firms
  • Examples of excellently tailored training contract applications