Opportunity to found national student charity movement at Edinburgh

**Opportunity to found national student charity movement at Edinburgh**

Raise is a national movement encouraging students to adopt a positive, deliberate approach towards giving. The movement has raised over £280,000 for the Against Malaria Foundation in just 4 years, with more than 1,200 students across our chapters in Cambridge, Durham, Glasgow, and Oxford Universities choosing to celebrate the end of the academic year by making a personally significant donation to charity.

This year Raise is expanding to Edinburgh and we’re looking for a student with excellent leadership skills and a passion for positive impact to build a team and found Raise in Edinburgh. As a founder, you will receive one-to-one mentorship on how to grow an initiative, will gain experience in leadership, communications and fundraising, and will have an amazing opportunity for huge long-term impact even after you’ve moved on.

You can apply at  until Sunday 22nd of August, with applications reviewed on a rolling basis. For more information on Raise visit www.joinraise.org. Any questions can be sent to raisenational@gmail.com! If you’re interested in helping publicise Raise at Edinburgh or getting involved in a non-leadership role, please get in touch at the same address.