Volunteer Opportunity: EUSA Edinburgh Buddies for students in 2021/22 who will be in years 2 or above

Become an Edinburgh Buddy Leader! 

This autumn, hundreds of students will arrive in Edinburgh for the very first time. Some of these students will be completely new to the University, while others will have studied remotely for a year or more without ever visiting the capital. There are also lots of students already in Edinburgh who missed out on social opportunities last year and are eager to meet new people.

If you would like to play a part in supporting these students, then we would love to have you as an Edinburgh Buddy Leader. In this role you will help a group of Undergraduate or Postgraduate Edinburgh students, new and returning, helping them to settle into university life and to find a community. You will receive full training from the Peer Learning and Support team. You will meet plenty of new people and will also be able to gain HEAR recognition and access to the Leadership in Student Opportunities Edinburgh Award.

Sign up to become an Undergraduate Buddy Leader here 

Sign up to become a Postgraduate Buddy Leader here 

The key features of the Scheme are:

  • That these small buddy groups can have COVID compliant in-person activities
  • The scheme will start in late August to support students who may need to arrive before Welcome Week and self-isolate.
  • It is available to returning second years who missed out on similar opportunities last year when they arrived.
  • It has Undergraduate and Postgraduate strands so that students can connect with like volunteers and fellow students.

    It is similar to Global Buddies which, as you may know, exists to help international students form new social groups which might otherwise have not met. The difference is that absolutely any student can become an Edinburgh Buddy, no matter whether international or domestic, an undergraduate or a postgraduate. We hope it will facilitate great social connections and provide a space for the types of in-person activities that might not be possible within Schools or Student’s Association spaces due to number restrictions.

Further information on EUSA website which includes the sign up forms.