Law football team participating in a ‘young v old’ charity match on the 4th of September.

Pleased to announce that the law football team will be participating in a ‘young v old’ charity match on the 4th of September.

All proceedings for the event will go towards St Columba’s hospice. This charity is very personal to the football team for a number of reasons, not only is the hospice situated in Edinburgh, a number of players have a personal connection to the organisation and have experienced their excellent care – be that through grandparents or other family members sadly being at the end of their life.

In addition to in-patient care the work of this charity extends beyond the walls of the hospice, offering community and social services to those affected by loss or personal grief.

In light of this the team is looking to raise as much money as possible so that the charity can continue providing comfortable palliative care for those with terminal illnesses and their families.

Here’s a insight towards what a donation means to the organisation.

£10 – donation will allow the organisation to provide a box of thoughts to a child who is suffering from bereavement.

£20 – will provide specialist training to a family carer.

£35 – will help fund nurse-led pain and symptom control for outpatients.

£150 – a whole day community education course for staff in care homes and homeless shelters hoping to deliver palliative care.

The link for donation is below – Thank you