The Butterfly Baby Club

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The Butterfly Baby Clinic is led by a team of Clinical and Developmental Psychologists within
the Centre for Applied Developmental Psychology at the University of Edinburgh. In
response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are launching the Butterfly Baby Club to share a
special collection of free digital resources with parents and their babies worldwide through
the virtual Playroom, Knowledge Hub, Quiet Space and Wellbeing Garden.
With the kind support of a Student Experience Grant, we are delivering an exciting project
this summer (May-August) to co-create the first resources for the Club with teams of student
‘Changemakers’ from across the University in collaboration with parents worldwide. Our
teams of student volunteers will be supported to develop a wide range of resources for the
Club including fun play-based activities, knowledge bites and educational videos about
foetal-infant development, audio storybooks about Flutterfly (the butterfly) and Friends, baby
massage tutorial videos, nature-inspired mindfulness meditation podcasts, relaxation music
and exercise videos. We are also piloting a virtual ‘Butterfly Choir’ to promote parent-infant
wellbeing through lullabies and creating a documentary to follow the journey of families.
Whether you are a budding health professional, musician, sound engineer, artist, voiceover
actor, fitness instructor, filmmaker, writer, media influencer or blue-sky-thinker we need you
on our team! This is a student-led project, so you will have a hands-on role in co-designing
innovative resources with your peers which will be shared with families around the world
during the pandemic and beyond. We will also be inviting parents to share their ideas with
teams through social media and involving parents in product development in the spirit of
Citizen Science.