New Wellbeing Outreach

For the remainder of the academic year, Student Wellbeing is offering a check-in service. If you would like a friendly call from a trained mental health mentor, for a simple chat about how you are getting on or for more guidance on more specialist support, you can opt-in.

This service is now open!

This academic year has been particularly tough for so many of us due to the continued impact of the Covid 19 pandemic and the accompanying restrictions on daily life and in-person activities. We know that some of you are feeling isolated and less connected to the University than usual.

We’d love to chat with you. Sign up for a check-in call if:

  • You’d just like to have a friendly chat with someone from the University
  • You’re feeling lonely or isolated and you’d like to talk to someone about anything that’s on your mind
  • You’re facing lots of challenges due to Covid-19 and are not sure how to deal with them
  • You’d like some advice or support on how you can manage your wellbeing during remote studying

This is an opt-in service so you’ll need to let us know if you’d like to be contacted. This is for all students. You can sign up using the link below:

Opt-in for a check-in call

We’ll be making the phone calls throughout Spring and into the Summer, and can accommodate different times of day depending on your circumstances, preferences and time zone.

Following your phone call, you can make arrangements for another chat or we can put you in touch with someone from your student support team in your School or Deanery.