Applications are open for the WS Society’s 2021 Summer Internships

The WS Society invites applications from law students and graduates to join our
Summer Law Scholars 2021 Programme.

Now in its 12th year, this is a unique opportunity to spend 2 weeks in one
of Scotland’s most prestigious legal institutions. Scholars will participate either
online or at the Signet Library, subject to coronavirus restrictions.

You will join a team-based research project on a contemporary legal issue,
working towards a digital presentation to external delegates and written report
for publication. As a team, you will work under the supervision of an an experienced
solicitor. You will have access to all the online and hard copy resources required to
support your research.

Open to 3rd and 4th year LLB students, 2nd year accelerated LLB students and
Diploma students, places are limited.

The programme takes place in three blocks of two weeks on the following dates:

5 – 16 July, 26 July – 6 August, 9 – 20 August 2021.

To apply, send a CV and covering letter (stating your preferred 2 week block) by
email or post by Friday 23 April 2021 to:

Alexander Spence
The WS Society
The Signet Library
Parliament Square

Tel: 0131 220 3426



“Being a WS Society Summer Scholar
allowed me to meet some incredible
people in an incredible environment. The
skills acquired will be carried forward in
my legal career. I encourage all students
interested in developing their research
and presentation skills to apply”.
“A source of inspiration and valuable
experience like no other. The programme
was a great opportunity to learn and
develop practical skills like teamwork and
virtual presentation. The internship has
afforded me valuable new connections,
and a lasting relationship with a rich
and fruitful legal fraternity”.
“An extremely valuable and unique
experience. The skills I have gained will
benefit me for my whole career, along with
the lifelong relationship now created with
the Society”.
“Provided me with a practical education
on the legal profession and opened my
eyes to different career paths. It educated
me on the role of the WS Society and
enabled me to make great connections,
and friends, which I believe will help me
progress in my career”.
Testimonials from 2018-20.