Edinburgh Nightline is now recruiting student listening volunteers

Are you able to listen but not judge? Can you give information but not advice? Can you spare a few nights every term to support other students?

Edinburgh Nightline is now recruiting student listening volunteers. Nightline is a student listening service which is open all night, when other welfare services are closed, and is run by students for students. Every night of term, student volunteers answer calls and instant messages from their fellow university students about anything that’s troubling them. Nightline offers a safe place to talk about your feelings and whatever’s on your mind, without fear of being judged.

Our organisation relies on our listening volunteers to take confidential, anonymous, calls and e-listenings. Our listening volunteers are an integral part of our organisation and receive an extremely high level of initial and ongoing training, based around training delivered by other organisations such as the Samaritans.

We are always looking for students who are able to listen with empathy, without judging or trying to give advice. You must also be able to keep everything you are told confidential, including not telling people about your involvement as a volunteer at all. Our volunteers are from all walks of life, subject areas, academic institutions and of all ages. No experience is required – just enthusiasm for our cause. We ask that volunteers attend trainings, and commit to one duty every 2-3 weeks to ensure an even spread of volunteers and experience, but also to allow you time for your important studies.

If you would like to apply please fill in this form https://forms.gle/1P7L6yGmrPQngzFQ9

Applications close midday on February the 5th.

Pretraining events, which shall be held on:


  1. Monday1st February 7-8.30pm
  2. Tuesday 2nd February 7-8.30pm
  3. Wednesday 3rd February 7-8.30pm
  4. Friday 5th February 7-8.30pm

are designed to introduce you to the work that Nightline does, and to our application and training process. It is also a chance for you to meet some volunteers, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. It is important to attend one of these meetings if you wish to submit an application. 

If you have any questions you can contact training@ednightline.com – we look forward to hearing from you!

Nightline is a confidential support and information service run for students across Edinburgh.

We are here to listen every night of term from 8pm to 12am.
Use our online messenger at www.ednightline.com.
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