Volunteer Opportunity with Edinburgh Sustainable Projects Abroad

My name is Natalia, and I am a committee member of ESPA (Edinburgh Sustainable Projects Abroad). We are planning to do a Legal Empowerment in Honduras – probably around June/July – partnering with Global Brigades. Global Brigades is an international organisation planning sustainable development projects with partner communities in Honduras, focusing on community empowerment. Therefore, I reach out to you today as we plan some experience sessions in the upcoming week so that anyone who is interested can take part at the session and hear what it is like to go on Brigade. This is a good opportunity to meet other society members and previous volunteers, to ask questions and to get to know the project better. I am so excited to see as many of you as possible and if you have any friends/other societies who might be interested you can share the information with them. If you are interested in joining ESPA or the experience session, you are more than welcome to text the committee (espa.edinburgh@gmail.com) so that we can send you all the necessary information.

Best wishes