Final Year Student Opportunity for The Times Final Year Student Survey 2021

Do you want to earn £75+ and a full CV reference for simply recruiting for and conducting three small group interview sessions online, taking no longer than an hour and a half in total? Do you want to have your say about Coronavirus and the impact that it has had on your job hunting experiences? Do you want to take on a flexible, temporary role that allows you to work from home?

If yes, then this is the job for you! High Fliers Research, in association with The Times, is currently recruiting a team of Interviewers to conduct our survey, The Times Final Year Student Survey 2021. This paid, part-time position will be a great addition to your CV, and will provide invaluable first hand marketing experience, whilst also developing key skill areas. Our survey takes place online and so all you need to do is recruit 25 friends to take part.

The survey is conducted annually at 30 leading UK universities in order to gain first hand information on students’ experiences and attitudes towards the graduate job market and their aspirations before graduation. In February 2020, interviewers helped ensure that over 19,000 students took part in The Times Final Year Student Survey!

The role involves interviewing final year students over the course of fourteen days. Each group interview session will allow interviewees to work through the questions online whilst you monitor their progress using Zoom or Skype. Interviewees only need to give 20 minutes of their time and will be entered into a cash prize draw as well as be able to select a charity for High Fliers Research to donate to on their behalf. We are aiming to raise over £20,000 for our charities.

To apply you must be:
– Well connected with other final year students
– Be a driven, hard working and dedicated individual
– Be excited to take on a new, exciting challenge!
– Be available for approximately 3 hours during your live, two week survey period at the start of February

To find out more and apply: