International School on Crime & Security in the Digital Age

The Law Faculty of Würzburg, Germany invites law students and professionals from all over the world to take part in our International School on Crime & Security in the Digital Age.
All courses will be taught in English and focus on Crime & Security in the Digital Age. The lectures on Criminal Law will be held by renowned legal experts from different German universities.
Subjects will include:
•        Hate Speech and Fake News in Social Media
•        Cybermobbing
•        Posting and Sharing of Private Images Without Consent
•        Criminal Liability of Internet (Service) Providers
•        Cybercoins, eCash and Blockchain
•        Artificial Intelligence; Autonomous Agents
•        Closed Circuit Television
•        Predictive Policing
•        Digital Sentencing
The participants will also attend workshops on these specific areas of criminal law.  In these workshops they will discuss the approach towards the topic in their respective countries with their fellow students. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance (2 ECTS points).
Participants only have to pay the semester fee of 142,70 € for the enrolment at the University of Würzburg. The first 20 applicants will be granted scholarships of 200 € each to cover all expenses.
Additionally to this year´s online school, all participants will be guaranteed a free spot in our summer school on site in Würzburg in
2022 without additional fees.
Applications must be submitted by 31st January 2021.
We hope to attract the interest of many Scottish law students and professionals.

Please visit for more information on the schedule and how to apply.