Faculty of Advocates: Mini-Devilling Scheme Application OPEN!

Faculty of Advocates ‘Mini-devilling’ Placements: Application Form 2019/20

Application deadline 12 noon Friday 14 February


Calling all 2nd year Graduate LLBs, and 3rd year 4-year LLBs… Brand new opportunity starting in academic year 2019/20!

Are you interested in becoming an Advocate, or perhaps going to the Bar in another jurisdiction? Would you like to experience a short mini-devilling* programme working alongside an Advocate? Read on to find out how you can apply for this unique opportunity. *devilling is the period of training undertaken by someone wishing to become an advocate. It is called pupillage in some other jurisdictions. Trainee Advocates (devils) are appointed to a Devilmaster who oversees parts of their training.


We have secured 10 ‘mini-devilling’ placements for students who would like to further explore the work of Advocates. Successful applicants will spend an afternoon a week (precise details to be negotiated between Advocate and student) for a period of five weeks beginning in the week of 24 February. You will be in the stunning Faculty of Advocates building based in Parliament Square, just around the corner from Old College.

If you’re interested, please complete and return the attached application form by the deadline.Mini-devils-Scheme-Application-Form.1920