Judicial Training – Beyond Scotland: Presentation and Q&A with Sheriff Duff

Sheriff Duff, the Director of the Judicial Institute for Scotland, will discuss judicial training and the benefits of his wider, including international, engagements to the training. The presentation will cover how issues, such as criminal sentencing of young people or violence against women, are addressed in the training of judges and how external bodies, such as different political and interest groups, contribute to the training in the context of judicial independence.

Sheriff Duff will focus on the international aspects of his work and share his experiences in projects supporting understanding of issues related to criminal sentencing in Kosovo and Lebanon. After the presentation, there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

  • Sheriff Alistair JM Duff was admitted as a solicitor in 1977 and he worked as a procurator fiscal between 1977 and 1981
  • He was in private practice as a solicitor specialising in criminal defence between 1981 and 2004
  • He was engaged to advise the two Libyan nationals accused in the Lockerbie case in 1993 and subsequently represented one of them at the trial in the Netherlands between 1999 and 2002
  • He qualified as a solicitor-advocate with criminal rights of audience in 1993 and conducted cases before the High Court of Justiciary
  • He was appointed Resident Sheriff in the Sheriff Court of Dundee in 2004
  • He became involved in judicial training in 2011 and was appointed Director of the Judicial Institute for Scotland in 2014

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