Talbot Rice Gallery ‘The Extended Mind’ Opening Reception

Dear all,

We are delighted to invite you, colleagues and students of the Law School to the opening ‘The Extended Mind’ tonight Friday 1 November from 6 – 8pm at Talbot Rice Gallery.

The exhibition will be on view through until 1 February so if you are not able to make the opening, we hope to welcome you to Talbot Rice Gallery on another occasion soon.

Friday 1 November – Opening Reception tonight

The Extended Mind

Gianfranco Baruchello, Marcus Coates, Marjolijn Dijkman, Nikolaus Gansterer, Joseph Grigely, Agnieszka Kurant & John Menick, Daria Martin, William McKeown, Goro Murayama, Angelo Plessas, Magali Reus

‘The Extended Mind’ proposes that our mind – that is our thoughts, reasoning, perception, imagination, intelligence, emotion and experience – is not simply contained within our brains. These things all take place through our bodies and the broader world, enabled by all the tools, technologies, institutions, materials and techniques we might use to orientate our understanding of ourselves. From shadow puppetry of extinct animals, to videos exploring the impact of electromagnetic waves on our thoughts and cultures, to robots that learn through contact and the idea that digital technology is driving us towards a new collective sense of self, ‘The Extended Mind’ is set across a diverse series of journeys to other real and imagined places.

Artist panel discussion, 5-6pm, Westcourt, Edinburgh College of Art

Opening reception, 6-8pm, Talbot Rice Gallery


Walk, Hands, Eyes (Edinburgh)

Myriam Lefkowitz

‘Walk, Hands, Eyes’ examines the relationship formed between a city and its inhabitants. Over the course of an hour’s silent walk through a city, a participant and a guide form an immersive relationship with their surroundings through the simple acts of walking, seeing, and touching. ‘Walk, Hands, Eyes’ offers audiences the chance to see Edinburgh from a new perspective and for both guides and participants alike ‘Walk, Hands, Eyes’ offers the opportunity for a unique, intimate experience that is rarely experienced in daily life.

For more information, or to book a place on the walk, click HERE.


Saturday 2 November

Joseph Grigely Artist Talk, Usha Kasera Lecture Theatre, Old College, 11am

Deaf since the age of ten, American artist and writer Joseph Grigely has built his practice around the note papers hearing people have written on in the course of conversing with him, creating installations that explore the often overlooked embodied aspects of human communication, and examine its potential and limitations.


Look forward to welcoming you to the gallery!

Best wishes from the Talbot Rice Gallery team