LLB Temperature Check – from 1230 – 1400 on Wednesday 30th October mezzanine floor

LLB students: We want to hear how things are going for you so far this year, so we’re running a temperature check event in week 7. Olivia and Lindsay from team undergraduate will be on the mezzanine floor from 1230 – 1400 on Wednesday 30 October. We’ll have loads of post-it notes so you can quickly tell us two things: 1. what’s been working well for you so far this year, and 2. what could we improve on? Your insights will be really helpful to us. This event doesn’t replace any other forms of representation/feedback you have – through Law Students Council, your other societies, the UG and Student Support Offices or your Personal Tutor – but aims to give you another chance to let us know how things are going. Come along and have a rant, tell us what’s hindering you, tell us lovely things, or just see if we might have any Haribo on the go.

Kind regards

Lindsay Jack (she/her)

Director of Student Experience

Director of Equality and Diversity

(Senior Teaching Fellow)

Edinburgh Law School

The University of Edinburgh