LawTech – Special Interest Group, part of the Edinburgh CompSoc

LawTech is a Special Interest Group which is part of the Edinburgh CompSoc. It was started by a group of law students in 2018 interested in the current crossovers between technology and law. This year, we will have our first event on the 2nd of October, see the Facebook event for some more information on location etc.


LawTech has a wide scope, looking at anything and everything where law and technology intersect. We look at many things, for example:

  • What is really done with the data collected online?
  • How can cybersecurity and cybercrime impact (and be impacted by) the law?
  • Can computer programs be copyrighted?
  • What are the difficulties around cryptocurrency?
  • And much more!

There is NO requirement to have any significant understanding of technology or law. LawTech aims to create a forum of discussion, to learn from others, bring your own knowledge and develop opinions to create more discourse around technology and law.


If you are interested in these type of questions, and in becoming more involved with LawTech please like our Facebook page @LawTechUoE to keep up to date with what we are doing. Please feel free to contact us via the page for any more information.