Calling all Grad LLB Students – Scottish Young Lawyers Association (SYLA)

Scottish Young Lawyers Association (SYLA)

The Scottish Young Lawyers’ Association (SYLA) is looking to recruit 2 university representatives for the academic year 2019/20.  The representative will be expected to attend the university law fair on behalf of SYLA to promote the work of the association, share information regarding events with their peers and encourage friends to come along to events throughout the year. This is a voluntary role with great opportunities!

Who are we?

The Scottish Young Lawyers’ Association (SYLA) is a non-profit organisation which educates, entertains and represents young lawyers in Scotland.

The SYLA is run for and on behalf of young lawyers and now boasts over 3,000 members across the country. The association is run by a committee of volunteers, it runs over 50 events a year across Scotland and regularly contributes to debates on issues affecting the future of the profession.

Membership of the SYLA is free. You can sign up via our website > Join us.

What do we do?

We run various CPD and training events for young lawyers over the course of the year. Our events are usually followed by an opportunity to network with other young lawyers and the speakers. We also run social events, including inter-professional events and a Spring Ball.

Why should you join us?

Involvement with the SYLA will greatly benefit students to expand their networks and assist with finding a traineeship. To say you have been a university representative for the SYLA will show impressive organisational and inter personal skills. It will give you a platform to meet other lawyers at all levels and help you to decide what kind of law you want to go into. You will also have the support network of our committee, which comprises of trainees, NQ’s and above.

What do you need to do?

If you are interested in joining please email us at with your name, contact details, university, year of study, if you are currently involved with any other committees/groups/clubs/sports teams at university and a few words about why you want to become a SYLA university representative.

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